Controlling system of drum separators for Moravskoslezské Cukrovary, a.s.

We have developed software which serves for controlling numerous drum separators in sugar refinery in Hrušovany nad Jevišovkou. Their purpose is to purify sugar molasse from which crystalic sugar is acquired for your home usage.

Controlling system of steam sootblowers

We have developed controlling system for steam sootblowers by company Diamond Power that are implemented on large couldrons in central heating plants and power plants worldwide. Their height reaches up to 7-storey buildings. Steam sootblowers remove soot and other unwanted materials from chimneys. Thanks to this the couldrons are able to work more efficiently and without outages.

Our controlling system simplifies maintenance of the sootblowers and provides complete overview to the operator.

Regulatory system of power and power factor of photovoltaic power plants

In cooperation with German company Solutronic AG we have developed system for regulation of power and power factor for photovoltaic power plants built on Solutronic convertors.

These provide ecologic energy to the powe grid and owners of solar power plants are now provided with great overview of the state of individual panels, their efficiency and profit margin.

Controlling system of turbogenerator Synthesia Pardubice

During general reconstruction of the turbine of total power of 30MW, in cooperation with the company CS SYSTEMS we replaced the whole electric turbine controlling system. We also implemented brand new controlling software which allows for more accurate regulation of several offtake points.

Controlling and management of solarium and collagenarium

We have designed a unique system for controlling solariums and collagenariums which minimalizes the need of staff presence. Solarium is controlled using autonomous card system which stores client number, time and length of runtime.

Cash desk system for franchise of the restaurants Výtopna

Franchise of the restaurants Výtopna is known for its toy train sets that deliver meals straight to your table.

In order to simplify customer service we have developed a complex cash desk system which facilitates staff management, store management, kitchen management and orders and renders them more transparent.